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Customers rave about the pizza, sandwiches and pasta served at R J's Pizza in Galax, VA. We invite you to take a look at the testimonials of some of our highly satisfied customers and what they had to say about the R J's Pizza experience.
Salad — Family Pizza Restaurant, Galax, VA
I Agree

"I agree the food is good but the guy cooking pizza in commercial is smoking hot!!"
- By Sylvia - 03/17/2012
Sexy Cook

"I have always enjoyed the food here and will continue to come back if only to see that attractive young pizza cook in the commercial! Whoo-hoo! "

- By Elvira - 03/17/2012
"Fun place to eat".
- By Dan P. - 07/01/
"I give this place 5 star because it is my favorite place to eat in Galax and my favorite place to eat subs period. I love the salads, garlic bread, and the stromboli. I am not a huge pizza fan so I have never ordered their pizza. The ranch dressing here is the best I have ever consumed

"I find it to have a clean dining room and clean restrooms. The service is fine. I mostly go on Saturday night when they are quite busy and I have never found the service to be bad. It is the kind of place you can just walk up to the counter if the server is behind and your drink runs out".

- By Sarah H. - 06/21/2011

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